Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Atheism and Other things

Another day, another blog.

Recently, I have graduated. In the original typing of the previous sentence, I had included a multitude of exclamation marks as punctuation, but on hindsight, I decided that understatement is the best form of hyperbole. Wouldn't you agree???!?!?!!!!

Anyway, the day was great. Well, several days were great. At the expense of my education here at Vic, I went to Auckland for the weekend. Had a killer night at Matakana doing naughty things on saturday, and on sunday was mostly stressed about my gown hiring. None-the-less, the sunday night turned out to be much better than sunday morning. Went out for dinner with Lee's parents, so here's a huge shout out to them. Also a huge shout out to Joel for shouting me stuff on Saturday nite. You know what I'm talking about.

It felt not strange at all actually, catching up with people. It was like, as Matt said, "I'd not left at all". I guess I'd only left for 2 months really, but it just all flowed with such elegance that I was starting to doubt whether I'd ever go back.

Graduation itself was pretty laid back. They just call you up and you get your cert and leave. I thought I'd make it slightly more interesting, and yell "Hi mum" before getting my degree. I did. hehe.

What was stupid was , I forgot to take my new, digital SLR to the ceremony. It was my 21st present, and I felt really daft for not taking it with me. Friends instead had to take all the photos for me. It's k though; I got over it after mum hassled me for 2 continous days about it. lol.

hmmm...what else. I'm kinda feeling silly right now for making my blogs just like everyone else who's ever written a blog. The aim was for these to be slightly different. Meh. Who cares. Got other stuff to do right now. So I'd better do it!


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