Thursday, 17 May 2007

Pier Paolo Pasolini

Pictured above is Pier Paolo Pasolini, he was a brilliant and transgressive Italian Artist - in the truest sense of the word. Pasolini was part of the post-fascist movement of directors within Italy. However, he differed crucially in every respect, he was ...(void). Studying his work in the past few weeks has made me think so much and change to such a degree, that I have immeasurable respect for this now rather dead person.

He's my current role model. Fuck this guy was awesome. The use of an obscenity in an otherwise formal declaration is proof positive of how much I mean it. I suggest you read his biography...

Apart from that. Another topic:

I was wondering today about the void.

It is that void which is all encompassing. It is that singularity in each situation (or the sum of) in which all things converge and finally comprehend one another. If one were to realize it, it would define beyond perfection the truth in truth. However by the act of definition, the void would cease to exist, and all things would not converge there, and no - thing would react in perfect unison. It would have been soiled by the human conscious. That dirtiest of cloths.

So though we are not able to have knowledge, non-knowledge if you will, but by recognizing the existence, there is knowledge of this non-knowledge. Which is anti-thetically knowledge of that which is unknowable.

It is the void from which addition and subtraction of elements creates order and disorder simultaneously. The void whose net is zero. It exists in the unconscious and the physical. It is both objective and subjective. The void defies structure and authority.

Perhaps the word void needs to be examined. Afterall to be coined void is to know. In no way is our primitive formulaic language able to satisfy the requirements of comprehending this gap in reality. (Which is in fact the whole of reality.)

The void is then (omit the word 'then' at will) the unconscious of objectivity and subjectivity. It is the desert from which all exuded and will ultimately perish in. The desert, however, will always be there, it is eternal.

What is this crap? Unnecessary complications from a conceited mind. Conceited. Conceited. Conceited.