Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Felt like writing

For some reason, the times when I feel I should write something on my blog is whenever I have study to do. Right now, I have a couple of assignments to do which I'm sure I will regret postponing. But I'm doing it anyway. That's the way it always happens anyway.

Not quite sure yet what to write about. Something pseudo-intellectual as usual perhaps? That's a thought, but my brain's not working quite at full functionality right now.

Things are going quite well right now. Too well really. And I suppose that's why I have nothing to write about. I feel quite optimistic about the future, and it seems that good writing feeds on nothing but misery. Thus what I'm writing now is utter garbage. I can feel my fingers exuding muck on the keyboard as I type.

Though I must say it's not entirely true. The thing about being content. I feel somewhat placated with my lot right now. Because the future looks grand. But at the same time, I feel like I'm missing that very cliche something. But that's also a feeling which you paradoxically learn to live with...even narcissistically enjoy to some extent.

I still haven't got around to editing all my photos from my europe trip. I really need to get on to that. Some photos are actually okay, unlike most of my endeavours. But then, I think if you end up taking hundreds of pictures, the chances are at least 1 percent should be good. And indeed they are.

I would like to say I miss being in England and all, but I would be lying. It's not so much that I miss it, it's more that I enjoy restrospection of it. It gets better the more in the past it goes, as it becomes a more and more fantasmic locale which I once inhabited. Similarly the europe expidition becomes ever-increasingly exoticised in my imagination as the days roll by in the mundanity of home-town. Funnily enough, I used to call Leeds home while I was there. How flexible that term is? Easy to own and disown at one's will. But then, what isn't?

I'm distinctly uninspired today to write about anything. But I'm enjoying this obscenity right now. This self-indulgent strip tease to the rest of the world using virtuality as my mask. It's fun. It's fun. It's obscene. That's why it's fun.

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