Sunday, 29 November 2009

on crying your heart out

/crying is really another way to justify your situation/

how improvished this view point really is. yes, that may be one aspect of viewing this matter, but it certainly subjugates the rather more important matter of jouissance behind it. Jouissance, as an achievemnt of phantasmic consistency. Crying then is the chance of transformation of barred subject into a dissolution of the structures of symbols, a sublimation, the chance of its occurence probably which forms the basis of everyday reality.

That is, there exists always already the chance of this dissolution, it supports the confusion inherent in interpreting the symbolic structure, its anxious plasticity.

its this 'break' from 'reality' which acts as that which threatens to achieve jouissance. its potential existence (never realised in full) is that which allows it to act as that which is the objet petit a. Its the 'object'/situation/scenario, which we so desire so that it may grant us phantasmic immunity, by freeing us from the structures of symbols. It'll help us achieve our 'real'.

But it does not. In fact the exercise in itself is merely circular.


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