Tuesday, 9 November 2010


it's precisely because the mind is an object,
it has no limitation

it can exist in whichever shape or form it wants to exist

this randomness is what we observe in other objects,
their non-constancy of being.
that is, their assimilation with the universe
being at once nothing and everything

our mind, we are cogniscant of
we can observe herein the terrifying infinity of form
that our mind is everything
and we cannot fathom this very limitation

because the mind is an object
being aware in and of itself does not, cannot, must not reduce it's very own infinity
it's as if we suddenly an inanimate object became aware

what never disappears is the inconstancy of existing

we exist because we are aware
we exist because we are
and by that logic we are infinity
just as we may propose an inconstancy of an object
that it is infinitely reducible in and of itself

a puppet who can see the strings
perhaps that is like the eyes looking at the mind
we are layered unto a subterrenian layer of constancy
one which permits illusions in its very infinity
we cannot necessarily understand it
it is the law: of infinity
one which exists within must not see without
without this law the universe would cease to be

the ability to create an insulary environment is one such way a universe, or any system could be categorized.

the ability of a system which could not overlap with other systems, a self-contained tautology

and yet this erection of meaning means naught
we do not exist in any way shape or form
are not aware
we are mute
we are objects
we are things
awareness is a sideeffect
awareness is non-biological

awareness is primordial
awareness is a second layer, sandwiched between constancy of infinity and semiotic appelation.
it exists in and of itself
without the requirement of scaffolding
the semiotic struggle is fought against it
we have no access to the cosntancy of infinity
it is only with this second layer that we can play a role
repeat our trauma, obsessively detangle it

awareness is not illustrative
awareness is not anxiety producing
awareness is...

it is only the universe without awareness that is completely limitless in its possibility

there are no rules
no laws
everything is simulataneous
nothing is occurring
yet it is beyond possibility
it is all permeating

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