Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Abortion is...

Abortion is no easy topic to discuss. Especially on an informal blog such as this one. Remember that I'm just thinking out loud here, so don't sue me if it doesn't make sense.

When the question is asked, 'whether one supports abortion or not', most people are either indifferent or undecided. Those who are decided on pro-choice extreme cannot usually give all inclusive statements supporting their claims. Every reason for supporting abortion has an anti-claim. However, this is not the same for the faith based anti-abortion activist.

Those people who have faith on their side, repeatedly insist on citing the bible for claims as to the sanctity of human life, and how according to the Gospels, abortion is akin to murder. In fact those who have faith on their side can pretty much cite the bible/Koran in any life situation, and expect that others will believe their claims on this premise alone.
what I do not at all understand is how the supposedly moderate Christian can refer to the bible as he/she desires. Most Christians these days recognize that the Bible is an outdated moral code designed to be adhered to in atavistic conditions; and that today's modern world requires a modern interpretation of the bible, reading new morals into today's problems. In this way, the moderate bible basher can twist and distort the biblical references to fit their desires as they please. I sincerely believe, that if one were to do so, one could easily take this to the extreme and somehow justify sanctioned by the Gospels.

The book which so many people swear by, will give their life by, is so fickle even in its relevance to everyday existence, that its relevance to such an important issue such as abortion is truly questionworthy.

I will refrain from giving my point of view on the matter of whether abortion is right or wrong. Writing my argument on a blog is filled with lewd amounts of complexity for me to handle atm(1). My point of the above piece was, that the bible point of view of looking at abortions is irrelavant, and should be discarded. Let's think from a secular humanist point of view. Because, in reality, the Christian morals have updated and indeed followed the Humanist ideals of the time. Let's look at them for a guideline for ethical grounds of abortion.

(1) Although I will say that I will not judge whosoever chooses to abort, for I would completely understand their point of view on the matter, and their moral dilemmas. But one who chooses not to abort simply because they think it's murder - despite condemning the prospective child to a life full of conscious misery - I would certainly love to have a talk with about their views.

Btw, this abortion lead was followed on from Lee's blog, visit it for a more entertaining view:

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