Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Sex and the Bourgeois

I wrote the following while bored in a lecture:

The tinge of sadness that lines the everyday existence is, in many ways, the greatest tragedy. The background noise which if heard well enough can drown you in its spontanaeity. Paradoxically, the same tragedy of life becomes precisely the jubilant chaos when faced with authenticity. To be truly alive is to recognize its existence, its authenticity in our truly duplicitious world. A bourgeois life of mundanity, petty values and ideals should not be allowed to govern our existential condition.

To strive for an acceptance of consciousness, somehow less and more primitive - simultaneously - is quintisentially golden. To strive for a divine (in no way spiritual) detachment; a detachment which is necessary to free us from the triviality of everyday life. To be detached is to see the universe in its all encomapassing glorious grandeur. By doing so, one can see the lack of connections which connect the entirety of this universe and marvel at this timid existence...and truly realize how breathtaking it is.

On a separate note, some guy said this, and I was suitably impressed: "a young bourgeois finds it hard to be a Marxist"

Disclaimer: some girl could have also said the aforenoted quote.

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